Guys, when do you start thinking about marriage and/or children with a girl?

Just what the question says :) At what time do you begin thinking about these things?


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  • For me, not until after uni.

  • Age 30 - 42 because makes sense to bring up child and get them through university by age 55 and then 5 - 10 are needed to pay and get a retirement fund for old age. At 42 max because at 60 your child is at least an adult and income is lower and still have 5 years for retirement fund acquisition. Its rather based on logistics then emotions...but below 25 no man is really ready to contemplate fatherhood in any meaningful sense of the word.

    • even at 30 I don't think most men or women are ready to have a kid.

    • Wow! Quite the answer, insightful. Thanks! xx

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