How to be a good wife?

My husband and I just got married about 3 weeks ago and I want to know what are some things I can do to be a good wife.

Thanks in advance


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  • Respect, mutual respect, he needs to respect you as much as you need to respect him.

    Choosing your battles carefully. Don't fight over every little thing, it's about give and take.

    Intimacy, don't neglect the bedroom, sex IS an important component of marriage, without it you might as well merely be two friends.

    Learn to forgive, you're both human, you'll both make many mistake, don't let the small ones turn into mountains. For things like cheating, that's up to you, do what your heart feels is right, but don't be an enabler.

    Accept that there will be conflict, you're different people, with different backgrounds, different life experiences, you'll but heads, learn to handle conflict maturely and again with RESPECT to each other.

    Have fun, life can't always be about the serious stuff.

    Congrats on your marriage, may you both have a long life together.

    • you totally stole my answer! no fair! Anyways tho I couldn't have said what @theuglyone said any better than that.

    • Aw, thanks, both of you hehe.

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  • Know what his needs are and try to meet them with genuine enthusiasm.

    Understand your needs and make sure he knows them.

    Live within your means.

    Make time for each other even as life gets busier.

    Congratulations to both of you.

  • Go make him a sandwich.

  • Is your age correct?

    • yes it is. Some people do get married at the age of 17 :) me being one of them

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    • people get married even younger. My grandmother got married at 14 lol.

    • That's like saying killing someone because he hit you with a glove is ok.

      Different times..

  • Try to never go to sleep mad at each other.

    Try to never ever feel contempt for him.

    Even if you have done nothing wrong, and he has, be quick to forgive. Because the time may come when the situation is reversed, and you would like a quick forgiveness.


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  • I think you're asking this question a little too late you're already married.

    If you want to be a good wife

    -Be loyal

    -Be honest

    -Communicate with him

    -Consider his feelings/thoughts

    -Do things together that you both like to do

    Pretty much the same has you would in a regular relationship,

    just follow your vows.

    • nah not too late yet, they're still newlyweds.

      Actually in most cases it's never too late to be a better spouse.

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    • Point taken, I do, after all, research a country thoroughly before going there the first time.

  • The only thing you Must do: don't be the perfect wife. I was the perfect wife, always caring for him, listening, make love anytime anywhere, cooking for him even at 3 am if he would have liked something. I was stupid. After 2 years he took me completely for granted, he changed so some yars after I got divorced. Don't commit the same error. My actual husband helps me with housecleaning or cooks when I don't feel like doing it because I got him used to that! If you don't feel like doing something, just don't do it cause you're also a human being and don't have to be perfect. But you must always show understanding, love and appreciation.

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