Men and women prefer the male partner to be more dominant. If you prefer this, then to what extent?

A recent poll shows that men prefer to be the dominant partner in a relationship and women prefer men to be as well.

What do you mean by dominant, and would you prefer a different dominance in a relationship than in a marriage? How would you prefer it to be in a marriage?

I believe that dominance is okay if you both love each other.

Be completely honest in your anwers. If asking anon lets you be more honest, then please do so.

Thanks in advance!


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  • He is typically in the dominant/masculine role and I am typically in the submissive/feminine role. There are times where I will become more dominant and he will follow my lead but for the most part, the previously mentioned roles are where we are both comfortable and our relationship goes smoothly this way. He usually makes the decisions, but asks my opinion when he knows it's important to me or when I know more about the subject than he does. If I have a really strong opinion about something, it would be a very rare situation that he would go against my wishes but as his fiance I respect him when it does happen.


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  • Dominance is a subjective term to begin with.

    Man is generally the dominating creature as nature has ordained it and that's symbolized with superior muscle power etc. But fact is that a lot of domestic decision making where the woman is the dominant species. This combination works out well.

    Personally, I don't mind the woman I love (wife / girlfriend / daughter) being dominating at most places and as a matter of fact I adore it, I find it lovingly amusing and allow it. But there are spaces where the male's decision and dominance works well for all, I'd appreciate if in that sphere she doesn't butt in as I wouldn't in her sphere. If you are going to ask me 'which sphere' then for example someone misbehaves or tries to in public and I'm around; I'd like to handle it my way. It acts as a great advantage if the women remains 'fem' and quiet while I sock the daylights out of whoever is irritating (unless it's another woman where I may not raise my hand unless in self defense)

  • nope I'm submisive ...dont like making decisions on anything from what bus to get to sex.

  • depends on our strengths and weaknesses. if she is good at something, I leave those decisions to her. if I am good at something, I want to make the decisions.


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