How to deal with the fact I feel like having a wedding is almost impossible?

first off, I have a part time job, myself I feel that it's a lot of stress to have everything I want to happen when it is this much to take care of.

two, my fiance's family says they'll help out but some are already inviting people I don't want to be at the wedding (that has stopped cause I voiced my opinion)

So...we're having a wedding, anyone have any tips for me? Thanks.


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  • link

    Packages start at only $195 plus air fare. You don't even have to fly the family there, you can buy the live web cam add-on package for only $20 extra.

    Done deal.


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  • maybe stop the engagement for awhile and save up more money. Give yourself a few years. if you are struggling now financially than you will struggle during marriage. To be honest you both are not ready. you need to be more financially stable BEFORE getting married