Cheap dream wedding help?!

I just want to talk wedding with some people! :D I'm getting married and would like hints on cheap ways to make our dream wedding! Any Ideas?


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  • Congratulations on getting married. It will last as long as the 'D' word is erased from your vocabulary and never an option to any problem.

    If you live on either of the coasts, a beach-side wedding is a fairly cheap bit of business. Get a little cheapo white-painted lattice arch (you might need someone with a pickup-truck to help you get it out there), throw some plastic flowers over it, and stick it in the sand. Wait for sunset, hold a bouquet and look pretty, and let the pictures fly. Keep the guest list small if you're doing a reception, which is typically customary -- that will cut costs as well.

    If you are living in a landlocked location, you could repeat the same idea but in other various beautiful terrain scapes. Near old historical churches are popular. Don't get eaten by a bear doing the woods or the hills - go for small towns or near the edges, and mix a little picturesque scenery with urbanity.

    You can also add quality by asking certain invitees to prepare speeches or perform fun games, like blindfolding the bride and having her feel different men's faces and have her guess which one is the groom, and so on. Maybe googling for fun wedding games can help add some filler and make it more festive. All of these things can be done without $.

    • Iiick I really don't want to go that cheap. I mean I want a normal stunning wedding just with sneaky ideas to make it cheap and expensive looking lol :P But thank you SO much for taking the time to write that. and thank you! I wish you guys could see the ring. He asked my dad for permision to use my grandmothers engagment ring got it sized down and proposed :)))

    • Your welcome. It was kind of hard to know what you wanted. I think you can go with fancy cloth decorations, some look really sharp - tapestry effects, ribbons tied around the chairs, etc.. You can also use gilding (stuff that looks like this: link ) - although it can be 'expensive', the actual material of most gilded items is cheap (just frosting for cakes, colored plastic lining on the edges of silverware, etc..)

    • The real trick is finding the right vendor, or having some artistic people help you out. You can find some of the components for this idea at fabric stores if you got people who can sew. Be sure to check art supplies too for anything opportunistic.

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  • Just make sure that you can get free estimates on things and that should help you budget alittle. Also to it depends on how many people might go so you can keep that in mind for venue size.Also if you have any dollar stores near you they have some pretty cool wedding things I saw in some.You probably have to shop aroound for thigns and see what fits in your budget. I just went to wedding a couple of weeks ago and it was fun. :) Goodluck with everything.

  • Why is "cheap" a determining factor here? What's wrong with a moderate or expensive wedding? lol

    • Because We don't have the money? Of course I would love to blow a million dollars on my wedding but we need it to be cheap so we can aford it lol

    • My bad. I overlooked the part where you said you WERE getting married. I thought you just wanted to talk "weddings".

    • Lol :) Nope getting married next Summer.

  • Congrats on getting married and being sensible about not spending money you do not have. I guess you could get married on the beach or your backyard. You could have family make the food, instead of ordering it. You could rent the dress and tuxedo or buy cheap ones.


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  • Congrats! :) and this may sound lame but join pinterest lol. they have tons and tons of wedding pins, including ideas on how and where to cut costs and they have lists of things you need to do and how far in advance, etc.

    • Oh no no! that's a great idea. I have a pinterest account, and have pinned wedding stuff since before I got engaged lol :P I even had my fiance make one so he could like or pin stuff he liked so we can make it our wedding instead of mine. Thank you so much for to idea recap ! :)))

    • oh that's good :) and also wedding magazines have things like that, if you haven't thought of that one!