Why engage if you don't want a thing to do with me?

In a hypothetical situation ... I told her that I was leaving for rehab ... Gave her the web address of where I was going ... She looked into it & all corresponding pages / links & she wants me to write to her & call when I can ... Is this the beginning to reconciliation, from the stand point I am dealing with this problem seriously ... Please remember she is so into me & loves when I am sober & she is very sexual and loves what I do. This is so stupid ... Why engage if you don't want a thing to do with me? Why not say good luck and good bye?


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  • I'm confused. Is this whole situation hypothetical or you mentioned this situation to her hoping to get a certain reaction? It seems like you answered your own question though. If she loves you she'll stick around and always be by your side no matter what issues you deal with in your life.


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