"Marriage material" - ?

This guy I know is looking for "marriage material". I'm just wondering what this is exactly and if many guys eventually look for this?

note: the guy I'm referring to was a HUGE player, and has had a lot of girls, slutty and then some, but now he's looking for a "virgin girl to settle down with".. what?!


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  • Why do you assume what he says are his goals are even true?

    The only clear piece of information I see is that by saying he's looking for "marriage material," he's presenting you a role he wants you to fill. It's like you're playing house and he just asked you to play mom.

    I would say it seems that many guys try to find a way to fill the void in their soul. One way would be in seeking fulfilling relationships. Another might be through drinking/drugs. A third might be through doing charity work. etc..


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  • hes prob playing the girls so he can score the big V, I have a friend and she's a virgin by choice, and I can't tell you how many guys who are so into her, magically fall off the planet when they realize she's not giving anything up till marriage. but yeah I can't speak for all, but I myself am not a big fan of random hook ups and when I look for a girl I do tend to see if she's has qualities that can be "marriage material" ie. look at my response for perfect girl lol

    • I'm wondering, what do men think of girls who are "virgin by choice"?
      Do they see it as a good thing? If yes, why?
      Would guys who are not virgins and know they won't get it auntil marrige, date her?

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  • Probably what they think is really date material.

    They wouldn't go out with a trashy girl, why marry one?

    - Just my opinion.