What advice do you recommend when your mom doesn't like your fiance?

having a bit of issues here.

my mother obviously doesn't trust my fiance.

she thinks he's just playing me and doubting him.

She said that he's all nice now but 'wait till you live with him it will be worst'

and I said 'what exactly are you referring to?'

and she said 'oh in time you will see. I don't know. but in time you will see'

how do you deal with constant messages like this and YES UNFORTUNATELY I LIVE WITH MY MOM. to save money for our wedding and then I'm moving out.

tips please!

my dad says my mom is annoying sometimes and to ignore her.

she says that the worst will come out after I'm married

i talked to my fiance and told him this but said I wanted everyone to get along, he said he understood and that my mom reminds me of one of his relatives.

she said to take things slowly

we haven't had sex and he isn't taking advantage of me (my mom again assumes this)

hopefully this will make sense as a bit of background details.

he said he has a commitment and has propos


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  • What specifically does she find about him so concerning? Something he said? Something he's done in his past? More details would be helpful.


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  • How long have you been with your fiance?

    And how was your mother's relationship with your father?

    It may not have much to do with your fiance specifically, she may just be warning you because of experiences she had when she was your age.


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  • No advice,but you should listen to your Mom. Afterall,Mom knows best:)