Found out fiancé on adultfriendfinder - what to believe...

My fiancé and I got engaged when I was 5 months pregnant. When I was almost 9 months pregnant I found out that he had messaged a girl on aff about 2 weeks after we got engaged. How I found out about this all was when I went to use our iPad and there were failed webcam chats on aff that were left open. I asked what that was about and he said oh they keep sending me reminders to renew his old acct. I then looked into history and he had not signed out of his acct and that's when I saw the message. I don't know how far it went as she gave her personal email. He continued to lie about not having an account until I said I'm looking at it right now. He was at work when all this went down. I know a lot of people may think there's nothing wrong with that but imo there's physical and emotional cheating and that hurt like hell. He had said he was on there as there's p*rn and live p*rn and he does not have to tell me where and when he looks at p*rn. I have no probs with p*rn at all but I know what the site is about. His account said looking for discreet sex - he claims he's been on there since before we were together. We've been together for 2 years and our little one is now about two months. He said he had been bored - not with me - just bored period as he has long hours at his job where he has nothing to do. He apologized and said it was a mistake to message someone. He apparently closed his account as that would make me happy and what makes me happy makes him happy - huh? - but its eating me up and I don't know what to believe.


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  • I think you have every right to be upset about this. You were with this guy for 2 years, engaged AND pregnant with his child. He should definitely respect the relationship a heck of a lot more IMO.

    I can also understand why your trust with him is waning. He has lied to you on several occasions about the account on adult friend finder as well as webcam chats. I think you need to sit down and have a chat with him.

    Being bored and saying he is stressed from work is just an excuse. Everyone has those moments, but not everyone goes onto an online dating site to relieve stress/boredom. There are plenty of other things he could have done, such as take up a sport, go on a walk or talk to you about what is bothering him. Because if he is committed to getting married, that is what he should be doing-talking to his future wife about what he is feeling and thinking.


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