What do you think about Matt Damon and Wife - Luciana?

I found that story pretty amazing. She was a single mom waitress. So, what I am getting is looks got him, was it?


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  • Well when you're in Matt Damon's shoes you can have plenty of lookers... You're fooling yourself if you think looks was all there was too it. She was a bartender, and bartenders are people's people. While I'm sure good looks had to do with the attraction, the her energy, and social attitude probably did to.

    • I would agreed with that but my friend is over 300 lbs and she is a beautiful person and her occupation is a bartender. Though she always told me that her weight was the reason no guys go after her. So I think looks does play a great factor.

    • Think what you want, but the large majority of men won't marry a women base on looks. We might f*** her if she's not too much of a pain in the ass, but there's no way we're going to marry her just because she looks good. Looks fade, and if she's not a good person, then were just stuck with a nasty divorce.

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  • Maybe her looks caught his eye but her personality captured his heart. He told Anderson Cooper that she is an excellent mother and she provides for her kids the way no other woman could.

  • Looks get every guy, but I'm sure they have compatible personalities and common values too