Is it illogical to want a ring despite not wanting marriage?

I'm only 18 so I'm not engaged or anything, but when I settle down, I don't want to get married(unless it's REALLY important to him) but I still want a ring and I'd give him a ring. It could be the equivalent of a wedding ring.

I already know which ring I want

I want the tiffany setting 2.5 carat white gold


or a Yurman

I want something classic but of really good quality. I'd get him a ring too if he wanted, but I want a ring


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  • LOL it does fly smack in the face of tradition, which sometimes that's a good thing. You'll probably find no shortage of guys wanting a similar arrangement, no marriage, but not a many wanting to fork out the ring, because for lots of those guys, the appealing part of not getting married is NOT having to buy her a ring. So, cohabitating without marriage is normal and 'logical' (not that I think logic applies in this situation, reasonable would be my choice of words but anyway), expecting a ring still is not common and would probably put off many guys.

    Still, there are probably guys out there willing to do that (not me lol, but then in her country rings are not exchanged anyway), so your wish is not all that 'out there'.

    Now, if you wanted a big wedding, without getting married, that would be crazy illogical lol.

    • wedding without getting married? how does one do that?

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    • I mean, I'd get married if he wanted to but it's not a particular desire for me. I always said though, if I get married I'm going ALL out

    • haha that makes you better than those women, they won't even hint at compromising what they want.

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  • Illogical? I suppose you could argue that either way.

    Unrealistic? Very. Few women who actually GET MARRIED get an $11,000 Tiffany ring...

    • I'm not marrying poor, so that shouldn't be a problem

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    • Hmm just to help you, she said she wanted the 2.5ct so that's 50k

    • 11,000 was for a sub one carat.

      2.5 k starts at 50k ... which means 'if its heavily flawed and off white, its 50k.

  • Seems logical to me, it's a love symbol, jewelry and "I'm taken" all in one.

    There's a LOT to learn about diamonds & such rings ... if Tiffany's doesn't take the time, find another store that does - even Zales is not bad.

    Losing a such a diamond is horrible - compare warranties + ask your insurance agent about premiums.

    Maybe they aren't removing answers - ref. "show older comments" ?

    • No, they removed the first male answer which is anon and then the admins reinstated it...which is weird

  • not really, you could just have it for a different reason

    you're still going to be in a committed relationship with the person you want to be with,

    a ring is just a material reminder of that

    (I don't see the big deal about rings, but I guess it's because I'm a guy)

  • You want a 50k diamond stuck in white gold, not platinum? ;p

    What does 'getting married' mean to you?

    • if you don't know the definition of marriage I can't help you

    • I know the definition of marriage.

      What I was more wondering is - you clearly are interested in some elements and not others. What parts do you want, beyond wearing a ring that suggests marriage? You can certainly wear nice jewelry that doesn't ... you want to settle down and financially give quite a bit to each other. What parts don't you want?

    • The wedding?

      I'm not religious so I'd find it pointless...

      but if he wanted one, I'd be fine with it and go through with it. It's just not what my heart desires. I didn't even want a 15 let alone wanting a wedding

  • You're capable of checking out at a store on your own right? So go buy yourself some jewelry if you want it. No one's stopping you...

    • That defeats the purpose and you aren't the guy I'm marrying so BYE

    • You just said you don't wan to get married lol. So you're not marrying any guy. =D Trust me you don't have a chance in hell with me anyway.

  • I guess it is technically illogical for two people to get each other rings if they are not married. However, if they want to do that they can, it's there choice. They are plenty of people who live together for their lives and are not married. My great uncle has lived with his wife for thirty something years and they are not married.

    • haha if they are not married, how is she his wife?

    • it sounds better to use then roommate or living partner.

    • eh, not anymore. Thirty years ago, I would agree. Heck, back then sex outside of marriage was still OMG immoral!

  • Sure.. have you ever heard of a "promise" ring?

  • Uh yea wedding rings are kinda expensive

    If you want a ring buy it your self

    • good luck to your future wife

    • Why? I'll buy my wife a ring but not someone I'm not going to marry, a guy giving a wedding ring to a girl that won't marry him was your question right? Yeah that's just stupid and wasteful

  • I'd say just a little.

  • Yeah of course it's illogical, since the ring is symbolic normally.

    Besides that, the fact that you have a 50k ring picked out reminds me of a song that goes a little like ''She's a gold digger''

    • considering I'm not poor, I'm not really a gold digger...

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    • I'm not a huge fan of diamonds so of course I don't know sh*t about them, but since my birthstone is ugly as f*** I'll take a diamond over my birthstone

      And it doesn't have to be a diamond, it can be Yurman

      You're stuck on the Tiffanys part.

      Tiffany's is good quality, though I've no diamonds from there I have pearl earrings and a few rings. To say Tiffany's isn't quality is basically bullsh*tting

    • Let's just say a Tiffany's opened up over here in Belgium and had to close down within the year because Antwerp jewelers were giving out better quality diamonds for less

  • yeah it's illogical

  • LOL Tiffany setting 2.5 carat ring and you don't want to get married? What moron would ever do that?


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  • Wow, Tiffany's, that's impressive. Anyway, if you're not getting married it's probably

    best not to get an engagment ring, since people will think you're engaged and that

    will leave you open to a lot of questions you probably don't want to answer. So,

    I'd sugguest to just pick out another type of ring that will have symbolic meaning for

    the two of you.

    And, am I the only women in America, who doesn't have her ideal ring picked out?

    Seriously, I've never even thought about it.

  • What does the ring mean to you? What does marriage mean to to? What does family mean to?

    A marriage is signing a paper for the government for tax purpose.

    A wedding is a happy day to share your love and commitment with your friends and family.

    A ring is a symbol of a complete love cycle.

    The stone is not part of love or marriage or a wedding.

    The Tiffany ring you picked out lok like every other ring. So its the name you are buying.

    I never plan out a wedding , a ring or a family your age. But by the time I met my SO he wanted to buy me a perfect ring. I chose one from Tacori. I picked out a vinage style in platinum.

  • :/

  • ...

  • Illogical? how about mean and stupid. You are the type who takes away the meaning of love and marriage. The saddest part is there are men out there who would fall for girls like you.

    Your family may have money, didn't seem like they raise you with any value or love except selfishness.

    Have some respect for yourself, do it for yourself and your family. Go to school and make the money to buy it yourself then you would understand the man who works hard to earn every penny is doing it for love, marriage and long term commitment. Not just to buy you a piece of stone that you don't' even know the value of it.

  • You don't want to get married...and also you're not even in a relationship but you have an exact ring picked out...? ummmmmmmm OK that makes no sense. but ok...

    • I have a boyfriend, but I'm only 18 and he's 20 and I've never been one of those girls dreaming about my wedding and stuff like that

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