Ex fiance confusing me?

my fiance left me 3 months ago. I absolutely adore him, he dated a couple of girls trying to move on. but I can't iv tried. and now he keeps saying if I change he might take me back then he changes his mind and changes it again. then he says he said something completely different. I love him, I want him back please help me

i was with him for 3 years


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  • What does he want you to change about yourself? Even more important is why do you want to be with someone who manipulates you like this?

    That aside, everyone handles a break-up differently. How long were you together? Three months may seem like a long time, but it really may not be.

    • he wants me to not lie arround and b lazy, to get a job grow my hair out again and get back to my old weight

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    • because I love him

    • Please read my article... link

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