My fiance is great but has an addiction do I leave or swallow my pride

Help please.. my fiance is great treats me perfect... I mean perfect... I trust him... only one problem... he watches to much women videos if you kno what I mean... and its all latin women with huge tatas... and I'm white and pitite...he will evn say he's going to poop and goes in the bathroom with his phone and headphones... I've talk to him About it sayn how much its maken me feel un attractive and uncomfortable and my own skin... we talk alittle but he says I stoped puttn out...but evn at the begining we did it alooooot and I still saw it all over the computer... so I kno itsnot that... the other day we were not fightn or anythng and he went up stairsto do it...he stil tries to do it with me so he's not chosing it over me... but now I'm so turned off I dnt or if I do I'm a dead fish... please everyone... should I ignore this Because he's so amazing and every othr area or should I leave Because I'm feeling my self worth go down... p.s I'm fit and descent looking if that matters... please I love him but its maken it so I can't look at him

P.s I'm writn ths on my phone so my spelling alters itself :/
He does it on his days off and I've caught him in the bathroom once

Not an obsession... just 3times a week or so


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  • First of all, you should really learn to spell.

    This question is strange.

    A little p*rn is okay.

    If it makes you insecure though, then he should really stop.

    That shows a blatant disregard for your feelings and may indicated further problems in the future.


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  • Okay, to put this another way.

    I do the same thing every single night. I used to do it every night that I didn't see my girlfriend.

    There isn't anything wrong with three times a week. 26 times a month has actually been shown to reduce the chance of prostate cancer.

    That said, it is strange that you caught him in the bathroom.

    • Will he get bored with me eventualy since I'm completely not his turn on I'm flat and white and boring he's into curvey latin fiesty women

  • Move on and find a more normal person

    • At first you made it seem like an obsession. After your updates it doesn't seem like too much

    • Wat about him doin it to busty latin women while I'm downstairs will he eventually get bored with me

    • I don't think so.

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  • Did you stopped having sex with him so much because of how much he watches p*rn? He needs to understand that. A little p*rn is fine, so many people watch including myself but he seems obsessed.

    I don't think it will work in the long run since it is making you so insecure and it's affecting how you feel about yourself and how you feel about sex with him. I think you should move on.