Was this a line or was he being truthful?

They say that drunks and children are the ones you can fully trust because they are the ones that speak the truth. A while a go I was a dating this guy (who I had an amazing connection with) but we weren't exclusive. A couple dates before this particular day I had told him I was a virgin and waiting for marriage. He is a divorcee that had also waited for marriage until the marriage failed. One day while he had a couple drinks and was in a different state of mind I asked him if we were ever going to be exclusive. He said he liked me so much it scared him because that gave me too much control over him. He confessed that he desired me too much and was afraid that in a couple of months he would ask me to marry me and have another failed marriage or that he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off me and it was cause many fights in our relationship, He kept making out with me while saying this to me then said he was afraid of disappointing me, that maybe I expected so much from him and he wasn't going to be able to meet my expectations. That I was at higher level than him that I deserved someone a the same level. Was this a line to get in my pants, or was he being truthful?


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  • I will say this, any guy spilling his guts out while consuming alcohol is definitely the truth. It sounds like he had his heart broken which I can only imagine what he is going through. I would talk to him in a sober state of mind and tell him that you are not that type of person. When guys have been hurt previously, its hard for them to open up again. I say just stick around and see what happens. If he didn't respects your intimate wishes, he wouldn't of came out the way he did.

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