Baby monitor crises line, help a combat vet out!

So I am a father of 4, case and point I only have 3 of my children that live with me, oldest being my son whom is 6 years old, my second oldest is my daughter at 4 years old and then the youngest is 3 years old.

my wife and I have our own room with only a bathroom separating our room from our kids.

Before I moved in she slept with the kids in the same room, now they have formed a habit where if she isn't next to them at night they cry and cry and she leaves our room and sleeps with them through the night.

My mother-in law got upset because last night our youngest cried and we didn't hear him because we were asleep.

He can get out of bed, and he sleeps with his older brother and sister they all share a large bed, we are working towards buying them separate beds so this is all we have for the time being.

Any how my mother in law suggests getting a baby monitor.

I think this is crazy!

He sleeps with 2 others, he can get out of bed, and does in the morning when he wants to play.

I believe that if we get that baby monitor we will be at his beck-and-call all night

MY wife gets up every day at 4am and I have to be up at 5 am.

I believe he is too old for a baby monitor and this habit is bad and needs to stop.

What do you all think.


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  • Let him cry, and your wife should watch super nanny when it comes,to regard to the nightly ritual. That needs to end, the sooner the better.


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  • This is a common problem. Something to remember wen you're raising kids though is that there is never a blanket response. Is he too old objectively? Yes. But he is your child and is an individual, and has to be dealt with on an individual basis.

    Unfortunately, the only way I know of to deal with something like this is to let them cry it out. Kids very often end up sleeping with their mothers and that is a very very tough habit to break. You might want to try doing it little by little. She can tell them a bedroom story or sing them to sleep with the understanding that she is leaving after a half hour whether the kids are sleeping or not. Then you can sleep with both doors open (theirs and yours), and they can have stuffed animals that they can hug. And then progressively shutting doors, locking them, however you want to be.

    You're going to have to be a little tough and they are going to feel a little abandoned and insecure at first. There's no way around that, I don't think.

  • You want the kid to be safe

    Mother in law is not the parent though she is living with you?

    If the baby monitor is a safety issue get it. If it's not a safety issue don't get it.

  • There is no write or wrong answer here. This is the age old dilemma. You need to retrain your kids to sleep on their own. This requires patience. Let them cry it out but not for too long. Gradually take longer to go to them. Don't pick them up and don't stay there for long, don't talk to them unless absolutely necessary. They are seeking attention and/ or are scared. Either way gentleness and patience will go a long way. Kids don't like change.

    Talk to them during the day time and explain what you expect of them. Another thing you can try is get them some night time comforts. Like a night light or a new stuffed animal.

    Best of luck to you


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