Too soon to get married?

Hi, my boyfriend and I have been going out for almost 2 years now and we have talked about our future together, however I'm not sure if I'm really thinking things through or just rushing into things. His family loves me, and his grandma who is elderly always talks to me about things. Last time I saw her, it was both my boyfriend and myself sitting talking with her and she told him she wants him to buy me an engagement ring so she can see us get married before she passes away. After we left, we talked about what she had said but I told him that I think we aren't financially ready to get married. I'm in college and he's working two part time jobs, and I know we couldn't afford to get our own spot anytime I suggested we wait. When I went home that night, I really started thinking about it like wow, I could possibly get married in a few years to him...but then reality set in and I had to remind myself that we both don't have careers set in place. I know he wants to marry me, but I'm worried that I might be taking all of it in too soon...I even started looking around for engagement rings but stopped myself because I realized it won't happen anytime it wrong that I feel sort of sad about the whole thing?


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  • It's not to soon to commit to each other. As long as you are sure that is what is right for both of you.

    Absolutely understand that timing isn't ideal so far. Difficult to have a marriage without your own home, true, but there is nothing stopping you getting engaged now and planning a wedding and new home for the future. You can work towards it together then - just the way you will need to work together when you are married. Nobody's first home is their dream home , that takes time. It just needs to be home for the two of you.

    I don't buy the argument about careers, though. I don't understand what marriage has to do with that. You can both still pursue your careers equally well married. The only thing that will muddy the waters is ...dun...dun...dun ...children.

    They do say the best thing for a woman's libido is wedding cake lol

    • thank've shed light on what I wanted to understand. we'll see how it goes in the near future with him..

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