What do you think about Marriage?

My friend said she doesn't believe in Marriage and that the whole thing its stupid. That Marriage is just a piece of paper and means nothing.

But I take Marriage seriously and even thought it involves a piece of paper, Marriage to me represents love, respect, loyalty , honesty, to be there for each other not matter what, and the highest level of commitment to another person.

What are your views and opinion about Marriage?

If you plan on getting Married someday would you date someone who doesn't want to get Married?


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  • I think marriage makes sense for two people who really are emotionally committed to each other from a purely practical point of view. Being married gives you the legal benefits to care for one another in ways that aren't otherwise allowed - sharing insurance, for example, or having rights to visit a hospital-bound spouse and make medical decisions on their behalf. It also serves as a public declaration of commitment to one another, which makes a lot of people feel more comfortable about raising children jointly or sharing income and property.

    Furthermore, it's an opportunity to throw a really great party for no other reason than you're madly in love with someone.

    I'll probably get married someday, for the reasons that I described above.


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  • It's an outdated institution.

    If it didn't exist, no man would invent it today.

    "Honey, I love you, and I will love you for the rest of my life. What we have together baby, is so amazing... we just HAVE to get the government involved in it. And let me sign up to legally binding crippling financial hardship just in case we ever stop loving each other for some reason."


What Girls Said 1

  • I take marriage seriously and want to be married

    I want a commitment and love