Guys have ye heard of the marriage strike or have ye decided to avoid marriage?

guys please this is probably more relevant to those who have assets. have you ever thought about initiating a marriage and sex strike against all females to protect your assets. if you have do you carry it to the nth degree and basically ignore the fairer sex full stop

rudy you are getting the best answer by default as the question was been up for some time and no one else has the courage to tackle this issue


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  • Protect your assets for what? So you can take them to the grave? Give to your family that already exists? Obviously you won't be starting a family if you won't be having sex with anyone, so you won't have any children to leave your wealth to. (Unless you already have them) I would never protect what material possessions I have at the cost of never finding a life partner to love and cherish.

    • interesting view point I had never looked at it like that the guys who I have talked to who have gone though the wringer of marriage have been destroyed by it I just feel like it like a moth to a flame

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    • Then it sounds like you better pick the right one ;-)

    • yeh the right one is to be on my own till I depart this mortal realm my original plan stands

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  • Gracias Ramondo


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  • I won't be marrying. It's a stupid idea for a man to get married today with the way divorce and family courts are biased in women's favour.

    As for rudy37lee saying "pick the right one", that's also a silly comment. Of course there are good women out there who wouldn't take their guy to the cleaners and who would split things fairly, but the only way a guy will ever know if she's that kind of woman is if he marries her - if he's wrong about her, she's got him by the balls, it's too late.

    What's the point in taking that risk in the first place? Marriage doesn't give a man any benefit. It's just a ring and a piece of paper.

    Imagine if somebody gives you a box of grenades. Some are duds, some aren't. Some will destroy you, some won't. But they all look the same. The only way to tell the difference is to pull the pin and see if it explodes. I'd rather just not pull any lol. Same goes for marriage.

    As for "protecting assets for what"? Erm, for himself, instead of having his ex-wife legally stealing all that he's worked so hard for?

    It's a waste of time trying to explain the idea to a woman. They rarely ever get it.

  • ive heard of the marriage strike and am still on the fence about getting married. you need to understand that in America children are property of the woman and in the event of divorce you will lose the house. once you marry a woman, you are at her mercy. if she becomes "unhappy" she will blow of the family and ruin your life. read up on mgtow. (men go their on way) just google it, it is becoming more popular every day. some men just won't marry, other men avoid women completely.

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