What's your opinion of people being cheap or stingy... or what would you call them?

person A:

person A is like this: They will buy a super expensive dress like it cost over a grand, and wear it for a few hours at a party and then return the dress for the full price. Or buy a really expensive camera use it for a few days and then return it. Or have their wedding and buy really expensive silverware, plates and so on... table covers and centerpieces are super expensive. Then afterward they return it all for the money back. Or if they make over a grand or more, they refuse to live on their own and live at their parents, even if they are married. They want rent free. They also have a brand new car 2012 really expensive, but refuse to drive it and tells others to drive them to work, and so on to use others' gas. And they never want to pay when going out to eat with anyone, YOU have to pay for their meals all the time. When living with their parents, they never pay for anything, especially not any meals. And for their wedding they expect you to help with tons of money for them, but for your wedding they won't give you a dime. If they are going on a vacation they will some how get people and YOU to pay for all their vacation and in the end they won't have to pay a dime to do it. They will refuse to pay a dime for your vacation if you are going on one. When going on their honeymoon, they spend it all in YOUR house and use up all YOUR money...

ok that's my little brother for you... it's real life examples.

ok now here's me:

live in a small apartment, buy used cars, my clothes are super cheap like .50 at the thrift store. I buy my own food. When I visit my parents, I buy all their food that I eat and they eat. When I lived with my parents (they made me, since I was going to college in town), I paid for the utilities. I pay my own gas, I don't make much money if any at all but I try to be independent. I either always pay for my own food when going out to eat, and most of the time I will offer to buy my friend/family's food also. I paid for my own wedding. If I am going to wear a dress/clothes for a wedding or what not I will BUY that dress. If 1000 is too expensive then I will buy a 10 dollar dress. for our wedding we used those throw away things...and cheap fake flowers etc. *sigh*

so who is cheap? Me or my brother?


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  • i guess your brother is cheaper since he's doing everything free by returning items and you buying .50 items and throwing them away or keeping them. overall he is. BUT

    both of you are smart with saving money. but your brother reminds me of congress. building up a huge bill and sticking it to som1 else or not taking responsibility for what you buy and use.

    i used a lot of buts lol


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  • haha real unbiased description you've written...

    Cheap is having the ability for certain things when it comes to money but choosing not to just to save, which is NOT the same as being smart about what you need vs what you want.


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  • Isn't this a bit of a rhetorical question?

    • I mean like which is the better way to be cheap, the one where you expect everyone to give you everything and pay for your everything or the one where you actually just buy things for cheap.

  • The person you described is a grifter. And you only appreciate things when you pay for them yourself. My bff and I have this convo. She thinks a little less of me because I don't own my own house or have a new car. But m parents didn't pay 30k down on the house and only leave a years worth of payments on the car. But I have paid everything I have. Though apparenly when I was down on my luck and my mother bought my groceries for a week (50 dollars worth) I get more help than anybody. Oh and my parents paid half a car payment once. That's it. But I also don't have people telling me what to do with my life at my age either.

    • i agree with u. my mom is kinda not please by my boyfriend job situation and I'm thinking well, if it wasn't for home support, staying at home and having a job becasue my mom helped me, I would be in the same situation as him. I guess my mom is on that...i know he's working and trying but I want you to have better. I personally do not believe that's fair becasue my mom supports me. and his parents cant.

    • if you really don't have money then yeah, it's OK to depend on others but my brother makes more money than anyone else I know and yet he takes advantage of everyone else