When a guy says "You'd make a great wife"...

Note: We are just friends at the moment, though he has confessed his interest in me.

Anyway, he has said before that I'd "make a great wife" because of this or that.

Guys, what are your thoughts/feelings when you make a comment like that to a girl?


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  • I think he means you're pretty, faithful, loyal, perhaps a good cook, and good to your man (or just good to people in general). It can mean a lot of things. I think in general though it means you have a lot of the good qualities that HE specifically looks for in a wife. This might vary from guy to guy. Some idiots think that hottest wife is best wife, and who cares about anything else. So, yeah, who knows?

    • Thanks buddy. :) So it would indicate interest and that he takes you seriously?

    • Possibly, yeah. Unless he sees you as "out of bounds" for whatever reason. But yeah, you probably have a chance with him. He might still not make a move, and there's no reason to worry, if by some chance you don't want him to. So there's that. Still, if you like him, I think this stuff is noteworthy, and should be kept in mind for later. Heck, act now if you want to. What's the worst that can happen, right?

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