Do rebounds actually work out?

someone from experience or knowledge about rebounds please. i was engaged to a guy for over a year and we were in love. I hurt him pretty bad and he thought that if he could get with someone RIGHT AFTER we broke up that he would get over me(he told me this). well, he was hitting on tons of different girls the same day we broke up, desperate to find someone and got with this girl that said she liked him. he thinks she's really beautiful and nice and they started dating a week after we broke up. it was ridiculous to find out that he told her he LOVED her with all his heart 2 days after they got together and after THREE months they got engaged. me and him took a long time to develop that kind of love so I know it must be fact. he even came to my house 2 months after they got together, saying he's still not over me but hates me a lot so he can't be with me again.

i haven't talked to him in for almost 2 months. I have no idea how he feels about these days but the last time I talked to him he told me that he feels as if there is a hole in his heart from wanting me but choosing her so he won't get hurt again by me. I don't know if he still feels this way since, in that time period of us no longer talking, he got engaged.

my question you think he really is over me NOW, since he longer tries to contact me and they got engaged recently. they have been dating for a total of 4 months and she seems to be very much in love with him(she doesn't know that he was talking to me or dating me before her). will this relationship work out or will fail? I need some input please

FAKE not FACT * sorry


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  • a rebound can work but this isn't just a simple rebound.

    I dated a girl for almost two years. 4 months after we broke up I started having casual sex with a girl. That's a rebound... It's all about superficial feeling of intimacy. You crave to feel a connection and I remember I did when we were having sex but for the most part it was empty. Primarily when I was having rebound sex it was mostly a desire to feel attractive and wanted. So I got that out of it, and it did (I think) help me move on from my ex)

    Getting engaged a few months after you an enagement you were just in was broken off is different. My girlfriend actually had this happen. Her ex asked her to marry him, she said no and they broke up. Six months later he was married... In their case the guy is still married and apparently happy (although my girlfriend doesn't talk to him)

    It sounds like your ex is a severe rebounder and mostly needs to feel love, needs to love something and simply replaced you with someone else. It could be real or not but that really isn't a decision anyone can say right now. He probably has feelings for you but also has feelings for this new girl as well.

    • i don't think he actually loves her. how can you love someone in 2 days? plus why would he try to get back with me after already dating her for 2 months and she's been nothing but good and nice to him. he told me he wanted me back but he doesn't trust me..i had a bad form of narcissism and I didn't discover it until 5 months ago but I got help for it and changed. I was very abusive to him so he had to end the relationship but the pain of being without me hurt so much he got with her

    • true but it soesn't mean that he can't love her anyway. It is possible to have feelings for two people and while I couldn't "love" someone that fast it's not entirely unheard of... you do see how narcissism is playing into your feeling that he absolutely can't love anyone else. While his new relationship doesn't sound like it started on the healthiest of grounds it's really not for you or I to judge. Time will tell how he feels

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  • These relationships can work, it all depends on the effort put into it, but rebounds often fail because your feelings are not true about the one you rebound with, but this does not mean they always fail,x

  • No!

    All you end up doin is putting te feelings you had for your ex into this new thing. Just sex serves a purpose but doesn't work long term


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