Should I change my mind, or should he?

My fiance and I are getting married in 6 months! We have everything done, except the place. We know the date, I have my dress, as do my bride's maids, we know who's catering, and we know the day, just not the place! ITS KIND OF A BIG DEAL! We have it narrowed down to two places.

I want to have it as this beautiful church, because that's what my grandma wants. My grandma is 89 (will be 90 before our wedding) and got married at the same one 60 some years ago. She has lung cancer and has roughly a year left to live. If, God forbid, she passes before our wedding, it would be nice to have it at the church as an honor for her.

Here's the problem; my fiance is atheist. He doesn't want to have it at the church because there is a cross with Jesus on it on the back wall, just behind where we would be standing.

Now, I'm not strongly Christian, but I do believe there is a God and the Jesus did take his life for ours.

He wants to have it on the beach. Not just any beach though, the rocky beach of Lake Superior (we live in Michigan). The thing is, it's about 5 hours of a drive, the church is only 15 minutes.

So, should he compromise or should I?


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  • I don't know your fiance (congrats btw!) but generally men respond best to what is practical and logical. If you haven't already done so, discuss the advantages of a 15 minute drive: no hotels, no gas, no packing up and transporting everything you will need for the ceremony, and an indoor church means no chance of things getting ruined by bad weather. I guess it really comes down to how important is the location to each of you. Since you are posting your question I am assuming you cannot reach a compromise. In the end I think reinforcing the advanatages of keeping things close to home is your best bet, as you seem stuck on the religious aspect of things.


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  • Tell him to stop being a sensitive Sally. If you guys can't agree to a wedding place, it might not be a good sign of things to come... If you're under 18 as your profile says, you still have time!

    • Thanks! I'm 24, using my sisters account, to lazy to make my own. lol

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  • Is he baptised? Because if he isn't, that could give problems for the wedding. How about you do it on an open place near the church. Your grandma will still like it, I think, you won't have the five hour drive and your husband shouldn't mind because it's not IN the church. Or near a lake or something, with nice trees where you can put up a nice gazebo or something, with someone from rent a priest, that way it's still a priest but not as official priest since your boyfriend is atheist.

    Just an idea, because I think that you won't budge for his idea and he won't budge for your idea, so better take a way in the middle.

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