So hard to get my parents to meet my fiance's parents. help?

so My fiance proposed to me, we've been engaged several months. not sure why but my parents are slow to meet his parents.

There is a financial gap. my parents aren't rich or nothing.

his parents aren't either.

mine are unemployed and it's hard I guess for them to go out and what not.

what can I do to make this work better? my mom is a bit bipolar. my dad is too relaxed...i am getting married. why are my parents so stubborn? or is it laziness?


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  • I think they are just concerned for your future as their children. They want you to be enjoying life and being financially happy so that's why they can't still move things forward for the marriage.

    They don't want to see you pounding the pavements everyday of your life just to get by.

    However, if you want things to work out, I think it's best that you present your fiance that he's a potential success for your family, and may be able to help out your parents when they age.


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