Wedding dress question, do added on belts stay in place?

So I found an awesome and very afforadable dress. It is has no embelishment, no sparkle, nothing (hence why it is affordable). So I thought I would add one of the satin jeweled belts that are apparantly now very popular. So here is my stupid question.

Does anyone know if these things like actually stay in place? Given the nature of the material (satin) I would imagine they would move around a lot. I know you tie it in a bow at the back so as long as its tight it should stay up but...again its satin and in my experience, usually such slipper/silky materials do not stay in place when tied in a bow unless it is double knotted. And I do not want to doube knot it since that too me just look sloppy. so yeah.

And side note...why the hell are wedding dress sizes so bizzare! For goodness sakes in most womens clothing stores I wear between a medium and a large in shirts (sometimes even a small), 32 size jean, and usually I'm a 12 in dresses (give or take one size up or down depending on the style of dress, brand, etc. but 12 is usually right). But when I look at the measurment charts for wedding dresses its like I've suddenly turned into plus! It is pretty damn depressing.


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  • I don't like how they feel but they do slide if you move alot

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