Do you think things are moving way too fast?

Ive just found out my mate has been engaged not twice but 3 times already! He is with a new girl and after 3 months has booked the wedding for july which is crazy especially since they met while they were both in previous relationships. She was living with a guy and he was engaged to a girl of 4 yrs. He dumped her a week later of meeting this new girl


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  • I think it seems perfectly clear that this will repeat itself. It's a recurring scenario, not a one time event, and he is continuing to perform the same irrational thought processes that led him to the same result every time before. Getting engaged in three months is a stretch. Getting married 4 months after that is just downright ridiculous.

    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results" - Einstein


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  • Things are moving too fast but they are grown people. Unfortunately, all you can do is offer advice and support.

    • Would you marry someone and alow them to book the wedding after jsut 2 months especially someone with his track record?

    • Nope. Why are you so concerned? Is this someone you have feelings for?

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