Are any parents on this site? Is this normal?

My now husband and I had a baby 4 months ago, it wasn't planned but we got everything sorted out good. The plan was that I go back to University this semester and finish my degree.But I just can't. When I'm there all I can think of is my son and how much I miss him every second of the day.

Is that normal. Because I feel like some obsessive glucking hen. I know it's best for me to go back it's just so hard. How do I stop this?

My husband said he doesn't feel that way, why am I? is something wrong with me?


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  • i'm not a parent but I'm pretty sure that's completely normal. you're a new mother. of course you're going to be thinking about your baby whenever you're not with him! where is he when you're in class? because if he's safe and with someone responsible (hopefully he is), then you just have to force yourself to focus on class during class time, then go back to thinking about him. school is really important for you so you just have to try really hard to focus on it when you're there

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