Broke off engagement with fiance a week ago...

A guy I have known for about 4 years just broke off his engagement to his fiance. I think they had been together over a year. He drunk texted me yesterday telling me they had broken up (I didn't know yet) and I broke up with my boyfriend earlier this week. I talked to him for a while and he was extremely flirty. He told me last year he liked me but he loved his fiance. What he said yesterday caught me off guard. Can anyone help me out here? Am I just a rebound? What do you think is going through his head?


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  • makes me wonder who broke up with whom...this is an absolutely perfect opportunity for both of you to have an incredibly awful experience, one that you will probably remember for the rest of your lives. you are both in a very vulnerable position right now, its completely normal and understandable to have feelings of emptiness and loneliness. its natural to want to find someone to fill that void, and as soon as possible. problem is, your decision making process is influenced by that need, its hard for you to see the effect it has on yourself. when you were single before, think about how much attraction you had for different ppl, some more than others. the ones that fell short didn't make the cut, right? now add the extra 'push' that the recent loss of a partner has on you, and someone who wouldn't have measured up before, now looks acceptable. then when the shine wears off, you are stuck.

  • He must be really having a strong attraction for you.

    Being drunk, let's him give the "courage" to convey his feelings to you.

    You're not really a rebound.


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