Is he immature i.e., not knows what he wants?

Hi I'm just wondering what's your opinion on this? My guy friend he's been engaged 3 times. He is now with a new girl who he met when he was still engaged to his last girlfriend. A week later he dumped her for this girl - who was also living with her long term partner of 6 years. So basically both come out of dead end relationships to each other. He said he was having problems with his ex and was finding the right time to finish it. Two months into the relationship they got engaged and has booked the wedding for july but she was talked out of it but and moving into a house. I think hell get her pregnant asap too. I'm worried he's moving way too fast


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  • if he's dumping someone after being engaged, and has been engaged three times, it says to me that he doesn't take engagement seriously, or that for every relationship he's in, he has to make it more serious than the last one, to prove that it's real and better than the last. in the process, he's just making a fool out of himself. I think there is too much emphasis put on marriage, and that he should feel that his relationships are valid without having to go the marriage route. Is he moving too fast? Yes. Will it work out in the end? Chances are low that it will work out beyond a few years. Do I think he'll actually get married this time? Unfortunately, he will probably eventually go through with it, as well as getting her pregnant. He's trying to prove to theworld how much he loves this new person, but the only thing that is really telling is how he keeps switching partners. There probably is nothing you can do for him, because he's going to make his own mistakes no matter what you do. You can reassure him that this is the right relationship, or tell him it's the wrong one, and he's still going to try to marry her, probably. You could try to clue her in on what's up with him, and you migh be doing her a favor. However, don't expect her to be happy with you. It's his life, not yours.

  • Oh good gravy. This question is getting as annoying as the arm hair guy's question. I think it's time you realize that yes he is moving to fast. We have told you many times he is moving too fast. So what's your deal? Why are you so obsessed with this question?