I'm calling off my engagement I don't know what to believe should I call it off?

i was proposed to the other day and this girl my fiance use to talk to claim they ain't still talking. we stay together but he leaves the house I should be able to trust him. the girl is only 18 I am 21 years of age and my fiance is 22 years of age. I took everything including so much pain through our hard time last year. the girl left her mom and went to live with my fiance and his parents on the first month. she's only good at her lips and boobs becuase apparently they took pictures and he was holding one of her boobs on the picture they took last month before the breakup. she don't have a job because she only work weekends. she failed her license exam 6 times. she has the mind of a 18year old because she tweets details about their relationship including she has low self esteem...everything she does or places she goes she has to take pictures of herself and show her boobs because she wears a cami shirt and she has big lips.i am 21 with a job and own apartment and enrolled in college and I'm in nursing school. she has none of that. whatever she have to do or whever she go he has to take her she can't drive. she even bought herself a car from someone but has problems with it just because to buy it...pleae tell me what do I have that she doesn't is it because I don't have my business over the internet? like she does? he doesn't have a single soul about her on his social pages like she does he just fling her around. he even has to show her how to drive and she not even in college


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  • You're 21 and you're thinking of getting married? Honestly DO NOT get married at that age. Personally I think anyone in their early 20's shouldn't be getting married, since you have a whole life ahead of you! Enjoy things, do things for yourself, and what makes you happy before getting into a serious committment like that. In all honestly I don't many marriages work out when people try to settle down too young. People change a lot, especially during early adulthood, so you really should be focusing on you, whether that's school, a career, travelling, friends, etc.

    Anyways, I'm kind of confused as to what you're saying. It sounds like you don't trust your fiance and that is another red flag. You guys shouldn't be engaged if you can't trust one another, and not only that you shouldn't be putting so much focus on this other girl, but focus on your relationship with your fiancee. What does it matter if she isn't doing much with her life? The fact that she's living with/hanging out with your fiancee all the time doesn't sound good, and sure people have friends of the opposite sex, but from what you're describing, it doesn't sound that way at all.

    Ultimately this is all up to you, but my advice would be do not marry this guy. This relationship doesn't sound all that good, especially when trust is lacking. Besides, you're young, there is still so much to experience before getting married, so why waste the best years of your life?