What is your favorite..."unconventional" marriage propsal/first date request?

So a physicist in Australia used a scientific study to propose to his girlfriend... link

I knew a guy in college who was (well, still is) a big-time Dungeons & Dragons/World of Warcraft nerd. His proposal to his girlfriend proceeded thusly: He based it entirely on a dice roll! He brought his girlfriend to a park off-campus and they started playing a dice game. He says "let's raise the stakes a bit. If I roll higher than you, you do whatever I say." She agrees.

She rolls the dice. He rolled a higher number and then popped the question. She said yes, but qualified that she would have said yes even if she'd rolled higher.

Sheldon Cooper, eat your heart out.

So what stories have you heard/experienced of marriage proposals or first date/phone number requests?


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