Do we spend to much time together??

Me and my boyfriend have been going gout for like maybe a month and a half and today when I was talking to him on the phone he told me that we spend to much time together and I said what do you mean like because I just finished being all sad because I didn't get to see him for a week and he came back today and I was there to greet him and stuff and he didn't really seem like he even wanted to see me and I was really upset and I told him that I miss spending time with just us because its always with his friends and then today he tells me that we spend to much time together the most we have ever spent together was like 10 mins in the morning, 45 at lunch, and like anywhere from 20-2 hours after school and sometimes I skip classes but I don't want to do like why does he think that we spend to much time together. I just don't get it this is the first relationship I want to work out and iv already changed so much for him by stopping drinking, smoking, harsh drugs and iv defriened most of my friends just because they didn't like him and I wish I could find out why he is saying that we spend to much time together. Can anyone explain what's going on?!?!? Oh and one other thing he proposed to me a few weeks ago.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Just remember that guys your age are only slightly more advanced than a three-month Labradoodle! Often the insistence that you two are spending too much time together precedes a break up. If you're already sexually active, and doing good work, then an easy, predictable answer becomes more difficult to pin down. Young men want sex, and young men want intimacy, but they rarely understand either entirely. They want orgasms but they're frakken terrified of emotional responsibility if they're not yet ready for a real partnership.

    Kudos for your cutting back on the serious mind-bending additives. Hopefully, you did make that decision for yourself. Don't let one wishy-washy dude send you back into a negative pattern. You're much more likely to find a fairly together young man when you shop among those who don't have to feel blitzed to feel good about chillin' with you.

    Dating is very much like shopping. You try on a man, see how he looks and feels, and then toss him back on the rack if he doesn't fit, feels too gaudy, etc. Try to avoid the discount outlets and fire sales. Few women can afford a Haute Couture man, but that doesn't mean you should settle for what you dig up at the Good Will.


What Girls Said 1

  • I am happy to say that's great you stoped the bad habits. I say you need to give him space take time apart don't call him no txting no lm . Just play hard to get make him miss you in time he'll come around.

    • But like he allways calls me and he is really take everything to heart kinda guy so if I play hard to get then he will just get mad and dump me he is really confusing