Guys, how do you know she could possibly be your wife?

I know reality shows are just that...reality or are they? lol ...Anyway, I was watching the bachelor and he dated many women (contestants) on that show. He says he knew that the woman he picked was the one at the last minute. He said he loved the other woman he did not pick but still wasn't clear on why he decided to pick one girl over the other. Guys, how do you know that a woman could possibly be your wife after getting to know her? I mean what kind of feeling you get? What makes you realize "Man, she is the one."


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  • Usually it means that she is the person he's always thought of as wife material. That can mean anything from super hot, to good with kids, to smart with money, to just like his mom. Lots of guys date lots of women they would never marry because they are great but don't have the quality they proscribe to a wife (hot being the most common). Your best bet is to meet his mom (assuming he doesn't hate his mom for some reason); even better if he's proposed before and you can find out what attracted him to her.

    By the way, this only really applies if they haven't been married before.


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  • don't believe in the reality show, it's dumb because it's basically picking the least bad option.

    • lol I dont. The show just make me think how do guys determine who they want to marry

    • well in real life it's different because the show is dumping contestants and say pick one, in real life they have to feel a real connection and see themselves with her