Girls, will/did you take your husband's last name? Guys, do you care if your wife/future wife takes yours?

I've been thinking about this lately, and I don't really know why because I'm 19 and I'm not sure if I even want to date until I get my AA and I know I won't marry until after I get my bachelor's degree.

But in recent years I've noticed that more and more women are choosing to keep their own last names instead of taking their husband's.

What are your thoughts on this?

Personally, I will take my husband's last name unless it sucks worse than mine or sounds funny with my first name. I also won't take it if I have a doctorate and/or I'm published or otherwise well known at the time that I get married.

I have a friend whose initials are LMA and if she marries a guy whose last name starts with O, she will hyphenate so her initials will be LMAO, which I find enjoyable.


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  • Why exactly wpuld you change your name?

    Why is his name more important than yours?

    Yore still you after you marry-so why should your name change?

    Why should you name be the name tat gets changed--if any name must get changed for the sake of the child or w/e. Why yours.

    Theres no actual logic behind changing your name to his. So I i don't see hy you find it interesting that people choose to keep their own name.

    You don't find it odd that men choose to keep their name.

    Why should it be odd for women to?

    Why would you think less of your name if you were not published and more if you are. You're still you.. I just don't see the point. At all-To anyone changing their name.

    In the past Women took the guys name because she was only considered 2/3 of a human being . He was the whole deal supposedly-So she just merged with his full person by law.. You are now -legally- considered a complete human being.. So what's the purpose of taking _his_ name exactly.

    • :D feminism ftw!

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    • I think a woman should choose to do what she wants to, even if that is taking her husband's last name. Mostly I would do it for my future kids. It would seem weird for them to have a different last name than me and to have both of our last names would create a snowball effect pretty quickly. Besides I dislike my last name. A real feminist would be okay with women choosing either one.

    • Yes, it's all about choice and not being judgy like "well, she should have done ___ with her last name" like a lot of people are today. I like my last name, but if I did get married and take the guy's last name, I'd be disappointed if my friends were tsk-tsking me.

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  • Traditionally, the woman takes the last name of the man. However, many women want to be independent nowadays. I'm more traditional, so my future wife would have to take my last name.

    I don't mean to sound like men are better, and they aren't. It is just that whoever I choose must have similar beliefs and ideals, and will probably not care about the last name business. Men and women are equal.


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  • Your friend will have epic initials! xD

    I doubt I'll ever get married, but if I do, I'll probably keep my last name. I like my last name a lot. I won't have any kids, so changing my last name for a guy just sounds patriarchal to me. Maybe I'll feel different if the time comes, but I haven't found anyone that special yet.