How to differentiate a reg. ring from an engagement ring?

I won't give a long back story, basically she was giving signs:

- stand near me (FOREVER) until I look her way, then when I look at her she quickly looks and walks away

- eye contact from afar, avoids it when we're close

- friendly tease then give me "the eye"

- friendly banter

She dropped some other indirect subtle verbal hint, plus earlier this week when I last saw her - I walk in the door and noticed her to my left in my peripheral view. I was only passing (and was coming right back,) so I greeted the first person I saw went on my way - came back and noticed that she'd repositioned herself on the same side I was on. We said hi, yada yada.

A few moments later once we were talking again, I noticed a ring on her finger. It didn't have that one big diamond, but it looked like it had diamonds around the perimeter.

I'm not an expert of jewelry, nor have I ever cared - not my thing! So, this has me thinking:

A) was that really an engagement ring?

B) if she is engaged, wtf is this chick continuing to flirt despite the fact I flirted first (and never noticed the ring)? Attention whoring? lol


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  • You can't really tell. Some people just wear plain bands as wedding rings too so you're just going to have to ask her.


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  • did it look really new. if not it could have been a family thing. but you can really tell by the width of the band. skinny width it may have been a promise ring. but there's know way to know for sure. you should have looked at it and said congratulations. and she would have either said thanks or no this is just a ring for blah blah blah.

    • It looked something like this, without the diamond:


    • And yes, it seemed relatively new.

  • Why not just ask her


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  • Honesty and being real is the best way to approach this. From experience I just recently had a similar situation with my bank teller was giving me all the subtle signs until I said something like are you married? Luckily she said no what I said was oh so your one those girls, see I'm married too as I point to my left hand with no ring on it. But I don't what rules you play by if there's a ring on her ring finger than most likely she is married or engaged because diamonds usually represent that sort of commitment.

    • I don't believe marraige can prove exactly how commited someone is to another - just look at the divorce rates! But I do respect the fact that two want to use marraige to show how commited they are to one another. Having said that: I wouldn't do to someone else what I wouldn't want another man to do to me. I am not going to try taking some guy's girl, even if she isn'tfully commited to him. Besides, how could I trust her? She might betray me, also.