Her father won't allow it...what should I do?

My girlfriend of two years has informed me that her dad won't allow her to be engaged till she is 25... so 6 years from now... and my Great Grandmothers engagment ring is mine to give her. We are still in love but we were thinking that we would be ready in the next year or two for at least engagment... what do I do?


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  • You're adults. Just don't ask his permission. Problem solved. Once you're engaged there's really nothing he can do about it anyway.

    • Further queation: wouldn't you rather your parents be condulted in this manner?

    • I'd want their permission, sure, but if they say no it's not like I'm going to listen.

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  • Is this a serious question? You two are old enough to make your own choices. You need to make this decision yourself this man "her father" should not have the control like this. Just do it!


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  • 25 is adult,age better to be sure then sorry..many things come ahead in thinking about marrage..at lest start age 21 and start thinking about ..were to live,affording future kids..love can be strong..why rush into something that can change fast! I know freedom to get awy from family thing,or freedom to be alone,hold on to grandmas ring ,im sure she wants you to be happy in what you choose,and show her dad you will do anything for her when the time comes//

    • Thanks. I will consider this. As I said, not thinking I will do this for a year or two but these are good points

  • Talk to her father. Figure out what the deal is.

  • Beat her father down with your d*** and tell him you are the man now. What you say goes

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