Should I tell my fiancé I'm getting cold feet?

I got engaged in February after a year of dating my fiancé, we're planning for the wedding sometime next year. I'm 21 and he's 26. I do love him, he's very good to me and we rarely argue and I have no major reason to break off the engagement However, I'm getting this unexplainable uneasy feeling and all these doubts are running through my mind. I can't pinpoint them to a particular reason but all I know is I don't have a peaceful feeling and I don't know whether this is a good or bad thing. Do you think I should let him know how I'm feeling or just keep it to myself because it sounds irrational and not based on a reason?


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  • I think you should tell him. If he really loves you, he will put any of his hurt feelings aside(if any) and try to understand you. You are getting married after all, it's only natural to get cold feet. Your life is changing. And for all you know he could be feeling the same. Also, I think you should listen to your instincts. Maybe there's a good reason why you feel like this, although you can't pinpoint it. And, it would be horrible for you to have seconds thoughts about the marriage after you get married, so it's best to deal with it now.

    If you choose to tell him, make it clear that you love him and all and you want to be with him, it's just the idea of getting married. Maybe it's too soon for you? Anyway whatever you choose to do, I hope it goes well x


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  • You should be able to tell him everything. If you feel you can't, then don't get married.

    Everyone gets cold feet. If he's smart, he's expecting you to, and probably feels it himself.


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  • Why do you have to get married no?

    why can't you guys just stay together for a few years. say until you're the same age he is now

    then ti will be a more reasonable time to get married.

    he had 5 extra years to prepare. its not really fare ino.

    i think 21 is too shouldn't have to rush.

    if you love each other it shouldn't matter when you get married.

    if you have to rush because something might come in the way. then you shouldn't get married anyways.

  • i would definitely tell him. maybe he can help you understand why you feel that way and make the feeling go away, or maybe it will just mean that you aren't really ready to get married right now, but either way, it's better to talk to him!

  • I think you should keep it to yourself for now, everyone gets uneasy and have doubts when they are going to make a big decision such as getting married. If you tell him now he might get a wrong idea and think you don't love him anymore and he will feel hurt. I'd say wait, I bet they will go eventually and if they don't and they get unbearable then do tell him, but don't tell him yet. I hope this helped and good luck ;)