Is there any chance for my husband to change? why is he doing that?

My husband abandoned me when my kids are on vacation, he met another woman online and live together. And left me hanged and dry, now that I have my kids with me and on housing program, he haven't send any financial help for the kids and always tells me that to file for divorce, now he left and moved out of state and still haven't send me money for our kids before he left he was telling me that he wanna give our marriage another try then suddenly I found out that he is seeing another woman again? what is this going on with him? is he still loves me or really just playing like a gigolo? pls I need advice, thank you and may we all find peace in our life god bless us all

What he did was very wrong. EveryTime he feels sorry for himself he calls me and just plain selfish,for 15 years been married to him now he left me no choice but me to file for CS cause I have asked him for help but seems like he don't care about our kids.its not fair no children must go for this.why some men do that stuff.he always promise but made to be broken.idk what is going on with him this is the second time he mets someone on line.and he just got dumped last December by the 1st one he met
Now he seeing a new one again?he don't have money to send for his kids but he has money to date that woman...
You think I can file for full custody even though we are not divorce yet I can afford to pay the divorce,what are the other option For me to file for full custody


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  • I think you should definitely let him go and concentrate on your children. He's clearly a piece of sh*t if he's leaving his family to go gallivanting with these women.

    File for separation/divorce, see what the courts will do in order to get him to pay child support, and do your best to get over him and focus on your kids.

    • Thank kids are my life, that man almost kills me when he took my kids and didn't see them for a month thanks may god bless us

    • Seems like he makes more trouble than he does good. You'll be better off without him.

      Good luck.

    • I've filed cs already, and the rest I haven't yet,but I got all my statement written down

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  • It seems that he really doesn't want to be with you.

    If you can, you file a divorce so that you can get child custody and support.

    • He tells me to file for divorce but I don't have any money for that?all I want is a new life with my kids and I know god is working his way on me and my kids

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  • u can get free legal aid and file for c . s. too

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