Is it normal to get cold feet a month before a wedding?

Is it normal to get cold feet a month before the wedding? I know we're perfect for each other, but sometimes I get nervous about being married. How can I keep myself calm?


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  • Don't ask anyone here. This is the biggest conglomerate of immaturity I've ever seen in my life.


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  • If he's "the one", then in my opinion, no. Personally, I called off engagements to two other men before I finally married my husband. No wedding date had been set with either of them, but I just knew in my heart it wasn't right as time went on. The third time, I had no doubts that I wanted to marry my husband. In fact, I tried to get him to elope early because the wedding planning was getting too crazy. Thankfully, he said no and the wedding went on as planned. If you're being overwhelmed by the planning, that's one thing. But if you are getting nervous about BEING married, or being married to HIM, you might want to consider what it is that is making you nervous. Do you have someone you can talk to in confidence about your concerns? Have you spoken to him about them? If there is a problem of some kind, you should really address it now, rather than later.