Ok so I dated this guy for about 4 months. I really cared for him a lot. I don't think I was in love but I knew I had

love for him. I thought everything was going good. We went looking at cars together, he would say little things like

get inside baby this is gonna be your car one day... simple things like that. Every time we talked he was always cool

and told me how much he missed me etc. Then all of a sudden (no joke) he went out with his friends and started acting

differently. Well a week later, he broke it off. Initially he told me it was because the "sex was to good" and that

he saw himself looking at me as just sex and his feelings had faded away for me. Then he told me he felt guilty because the way I treated him with gifts,

massages, and just caring. He told me that he had to much respect for me and that I deserved way better than him.

Then I found out that the night he went out he had some girls pursue him and he wanted to cheat and that's what made

him break up because he knew if he would stay with me that he would one day cheat. We got together this past weekend

and he started saying all this stuff about us.. really confusing... but was adamant that it had to end but still wants

us to talk. What I dont

understand is, he was talking about his feelings for me and all this other crap and even started crying over the situation.

He's been in engaged twice and left the first time because she cheated on him and the 2nd because of the same reason"his feelings

faded away". What is his issue? Is he really just a dog? Is it some sort of personal situation maybe he's just scared? I'm just

so blindsided by this. I really care for him and want him back but I don't know if I should even try. I told myself that

I was going to give us about a month time apart before I contact him even if he contacts me. Should I do this? I'm so confused!


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  • If a guy breaks up with you then don't chase him just let him go. I know the whole reasoning for it is stupid and confusing but the best thing you can do is try to get over him because there are guys out there who would actually appreciate you and never let you go. if a guy wants to leave then let him leave. your only hurting yourself by chasing after a guy who obviously doesn't really want you or he wouldn't have broken up with you.


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  • Ok I hate to say this, but I would move on.

    It's better that this comes out now then later. The guy's scared of commitment, and 2 broken engagements is proof.

    Do you really want to marry him or continue a relationship when he bails at the drop of a hat?

    I would personally move on, and find someone new.

    <<Guy (and I'm figuring this site out.


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  • No. Move on.

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