I don't see myself wearing a wedding dress and getting married

I've heard some girls talking about how their wedding is going to be and also their dress. But I never thought about it and I still don't.

Am I the only one who feels this way? Is this normal?


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  • Big expensive formal weddings are stupid and a waste of money. I just shacked up with a girlfriend and it lasted 18 years.

    I have a good online friend who is from a poor country. She's planning on her and her boyfriend having to save for 4-5 years to pay for a wedding. The savings of two people for 4-5 years just for one day of formality that is nothing more than symbolic. Why? Because she is very Catholic and thinks it's not a real marriage unless the church blesses it. So she refuses to go to a court or whatever.

    She has a BS in IT and working on a masters in teaching, and she only makes $5-6 a day take home pay, and the damn church wants 5 years wages for a damn wedding. There is something very very wrong there.


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  • You aren't the only one to want it calm.

    #-My brother and his wife married when their kids were 7 and 9. Town hall marriage plus restaurant. They're still happily married.

    #- My son married at 28, they were living together since years, town hall marriage, his wife wore a long white dress, (rented) Rolls Royce (no less) , posh restaurant, lots of people, her dream. They're divorcing this month.

    #-When I married my wife in 1971, both 25, she wore a simple new blue dress (with tiny polkadots), chosen because we liked it but it was not a wedding dress.

    Only our close family and 4 friends were invited. We married on a Saturday at the town hall and she was surprised when a few pupils came throwing rice at the entry. Before the ceremony everyone gathered at her parent's home, we had a drink with some appetizers and we drove to town hall (as usual, my father in law got lost (as usual) and arrived late (as usual) and angry (as usual) .

    After saying 'YES' and signing, we all went to a cozy restaurant, had a good meal and went home.

    On Monday my wife stood before her class as usual (teachers can't take days off as other people can) and I went to my job.

    Some 2 weeks later my wife's school holiday started and we went to the seaside for a few days.

    We took a honeymoon voyage to Greece that summer. (both got sick there, but that's another story)

    Thus no special dress, no big ceremony.

    We have been VERY happy ever since.

    (in this country , a town hall marriage is the equivalent of a marriage in court in Anglo-saxon countries )

  • What's 'normal' to you? Do what you want and stop worrying about other people.

  • I would say you're in a small minority. Most girls are very keen on getting married and sometimes fantasize about it. But no you're far from being the only girl who doesn't want to.

  • It's normal. After all, you still want to enjoy your youthfulness and don't want to engage yourself in a long term commitment.


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  • I feel the same way! I don't know if it's normal, but I'm cool with it. All I know is that I am much happier on my own xD

  • No. The older I get the more ridiculous weddings/marriages seem to get.

    Marriage was originally only supposed to be to guarantee land/possessions to a woman in return for taking care of it and bearing children. It was never meant to be romantic!

    Getting contractually bound to another person doesn't make love more strong and the divorce rate is so high now that it seems a little redundant.

    As for weddings even if I for some reason choose to get married I won't have one because I know my mom will turn it into a complete nightmare as she hates my father and his new wife so much. Even if that weren't the case it would seem more wise to spend wedding money on a house downpayment. I don't understand why so many people spend thousands of dollars on one day!

  • No I feel this way to, I don't even see myself in a relationship with a boy, and personally I think ( don't know about you) but for me I think its cause I am so independant as a person that I don't let a guy ruin it for me, so therfore I can't see myself fall in love with a guy and be all gooey and lovey dovey, but a side of me can, so I know if I do fall in love I would love to get married but now I'm single and independant so I can't see it :)