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Do you think woman's gut usually comes true? I have this man, completely fine, very kind man. But somehow I can't deny that I feel he will be going to some other women if we marry---means he will be cheating on me. No evidence, just my intuition. He is a very loving person, likes to be liked by anyone. I somehow feel I won't be able to satisfy with what he does to me as it always goes somewhere different from my needs. Yes, he is perfect except filling with my needs. He is decent and nice as a human-being (and probably as businessperson) but not good as a "guy" it seems. I do have fun talking with him but always "something" missing in my heart. Probably many people like him. So, I assume he will be going to someone who is happy to receive his gift because I guess he knows that I'm not happy with us. I do like him as a human-being but don't seem to "be in love with him". But in terms of marriage, is this a big deal? Do you think if I respect his general human personality, will the marriage work?


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  • I'm not worried at all about your "gut feeling" that he's going to cheat. What worries me is that you would consider marrying someone you don't actually feel you are "in love" with. If you are not in love with him now, you won't be happy 10 years from now. And trust me, men are not stupid: they know if their woman is "in love" with them. If you two get any closer and he doesn't feel IT from you, you're right --- he's going to leave. But it won't be "cheating" because you didn't love him and therefore had no claim on him.

  • on personal experience my gut is usually right.But sometimes it isn't what you think, but there is something wrong. With my ex I felt there was something wrong between us. He seemed distant to me and I felt like he was cheating without evidence.When I comforted him about it he wasn't cheating but fell out of love with me. :( But for now in order not to drive yourself crazy just focus on the good things about him and the reason why you're with him. Then maybe good things will come out of it.If you don't love him don't marry him.Dont be with someone because everybody else things great of them. But if you're just putting up a wall of insecurity knock it down.