This guy won't go away even when I said no sex before marriage?

There's this guy who's interested in me, he expressed his desire of having me as his girlfriend, but I didn't take him seriously. I know for a fact that this guy sleeps around a lot, but he said that it's not like he scammed them with love scam, sleep with them and walked away, all of them have sex with him willingly (yes, he's a hot guy with high libido). Due to this I ignored his request thinking he's just trying to get into my pants. But he didn't gave up. After some times I got fed up and I said to him, fine you want me? I can be your girlfriend, but you can't touch me, nothing. I will only have sex with you after you marry me. If you think you can give me such a serious relationship, you're welcome if not then you better get lost. And to my surprise, he agreed. He said be my girlfriend, we'll get to know each others' better, know each others' family better then we will get marry, but in the meantime, you don't go and sleep around with others and even me I will do the same. I don't know what to think, he's waiting for my answer whether I accept him or not. Guys what do you think? Is he worth a shot? He keep saying that he never was as serious as this before. But I'm scared that he's just saying all these stuff just to get into my pants, but I already made it clear to him that I won't have sex with him, not even a BJ? FYI he knew I'm great on bed, and he's dying to have me due to this and also the fact that I don't give in easily towards him. He knew because we were friends for a short time and he knew how my exes keep coming back and having hard time letting me go due to this reason too. What am I supposed to do?


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  • How much do you really like him? That's the first question to ask yourself. The guy is used to abusing women and walking away. He won';t likely change this pattern with you.

    There';s a good chance he's being manipulative, hoping you'll give in to his advances if he says all the 'right' things.

    I wouldn't agree to be exclusive, giving up the possibility of meeting someone else, just on a 'dare.'

    Only if you really like him should you agree to be his girlfriend.

    • I kinda like him, but I guess I'm being prejudiced with his back track records... If he's all honest, that would be great, but I don't know whether he's sweet talking or for real?

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    • Of course I won't but how long should I wait to see if he's really sincere?

    • You could try asking one of his many exes if they're accessible. Or anyone who knows him..

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  • if I were you I would have accepted and see what happend you know! but I would keep my guard up and use my haed and enjoy being the center of attention of a really hot guy :P