A question for guys who are married...

What changes have you made after your marriage? Do you think you have become a better and more matured man after your marriage? Thanks in advance for your response.


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  • i think men who honestly stick to their marriage learn to become more giving, less self-centered and self absorbed. this is why men often are immature and not good partners when young but as men age they become more giving.

    in our gen especially (i'm 22) there are so many casual/non committed relationships out there. when I see a man get married and take his vows to heart it makes me respect him more. especially because men have a natural desire to spread their seed.

    so when I see a man stick to his marriage I look at him as a good man.

    as long as he is not abusive to his wife or a major jerk in general, that is. but I do think it says something for a man who stays committed and does not cheat.


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  • I think most of my changes in marriage were external ones. I was more accommodating and willing to try new things I probably would not have bothered with before. I don’t think the experience changed my personality much or made me more mature. It did teach me to be much more careful about relationships!

  • I married an 89-year-old friend of my grandmother in 1985 because she made the best blueberry muffins I've ever eaten. I LOVE blueberry muffins. Unfortunately she died of a brain hemmorage in 1993, and I've never remarried. Sure do miss them muffins!

  • Yes. Responsibilities are much harder now.

  • None. No. Marriage made me more immature and less loving of people for some reason.

    • This is strange.Aren't you happy with your marriage?So sorry for asking.

    • I don't think I'm unhappy so much as I recognize now that it doesn't really change anyone's behavior. I think I wish my wife would change.

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