I gave my ex fiance $100 and it seemed to redeem myself.

So I had this girl come up to Canada from Florida.

We met on myspace.com and she loved my music.

SHE was crazy and I can't even explain how much she emasculated me.

Anyways, I shipped her back to Florida because she destroyed my heart.

Out of spite, I made her a fake profile of her naked hugging my guitar.

She found it the next day and left me a really long voice mail about how much she's disappointing in me.

She said, "You are just a boy, and you don't know how to be a man"

And it was true.

SO I was trying to figure ways to not feel this much like sh*t.

It was eating at me for months.

One day I mailed her my album and $100.

Somehow that made her forgive me.

But I don't think it would make any other girl forgive me if I did that to them. This girl was an odd one. what do you think?


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  • Haha that's really funny...in kind of a sad dysfunctional way. Well, I have no idea what she did to make you feel emasculated - to the degree that you'd try to humiliate her online. All I know tho is: if she is actually crazy, it's a bad idea to mess with crazy people lol. Fortunately she doesn't sound crazy at all if all she did was voice mail you that said she was disappointed. That's pretty tame actually. What you did was pretty drastic and potentially damaging to her career.. Therefore, it was good of you to try and make an effort to apologize (sort of).

    But anyway, if it didn't do any damage to my career, no one I knew saw it and that profile were erased forever (as well as possible) AND you seemed sorry, I'd forgive you. Why wouldn't she? You're in a different country. She's not going to be bothered with thinking about you anymore. Why would she waste emotion by not letting it go? It's nice that you sent her a package, and I'm sure the money was nice to have...thus why she bothered to tell you that she forgave you.

    She's not saying yes to getting back together with you. She's merely telling you that she doesn't care about the past. If I got any amount of money and the satisfaction of knowing a guy that tried to hurt me felt really guilty, those would be perks - not prerequisites. Makes sense to me...


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  • Great story, man. Her dignity is worth at the most $100. Bet she would have forgiven you for $50.

    I don't know why you felt bad about the picture hugging your guitar. It takes a real man to come up with that idea.

    But you really shouldhave known better than to bring a Dixie chick to Canada.

    That's great about the fake profile. So funny. I'd pay $100 just to see that, myself.

    • I don't know why I did it too. I eventually mved on and found a new crazy girl and the girl from Florida kept texting and calling me. She once left a voice mail of this really crappy out f tune song that she wrote.

      She was trying to be all deep and monotone and I was talking to my new lady on Skype and I said, "STUPID!

      And my new girl asked, "Whats stupid?

      And I said, "No. Not you! nevermind!"

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    • well the only reason I would go to Florida now is to see an alligator from afar or swim in the ocean

    • Please answer that last question of mine! No good answers to it yet.

  • "Out of spite, I made her a fake profile of her naked hugging my guitar."

    She said, "You are just a boy, and you don't know how to be a man"

    And it was true.

    VERY true indeed.

    $100 don't fix stupid things. Neither do $1K.

    • It did for her. But it didn't fix her making all my friends hate me

  • It was the album. Yes it would seeing as it had to do with the sentimental thought of you giving the album and that means sentimentality counts. I'm kind of ... at a loss for how you thought it was $100 bucks.

    • haha good one

    • I left a note in there. "Here is a free copy of my album and $100. Do what you will with it. Buy clothes with the money and listen to the album or if you and you sister get bored then you can throw it up in the air like a frisbee and shoot it for target practice. Just know that I am sorry"

  • If it redeemed yourself, then it's a money well spent.