Wedding planning drama, now she doesn't care for me. Should I help her through this rough patch?

We are in a long distance relationship, USA Egypt, visit every few months.

We got engaged last July the wedding is coming up this September.

She's in the middle of 2-3 weeks of final exams right now. I'm flying to see her right after her exams.

We got tangled up in some family and wedding planning drama.

Now she doesn't care about me.

She says she wants to give up on us, and that I finished up all her love for me with ask all my mistakes.

She doesn't call anymore, doesn't initiate contact.

When I call, she is tight lipped ,doesn't volunteer anything and doesn't ask or care about me.

Does she really wanna give up? Or is she testing me?

Is she just freaking out Because the wedding is getting closer?

Is it that the exams are stressing her out ?

If she keeps suggesting we break up , should I let her go? Or is this typical girl craziness that I am supposed to contain ?

Thanks for your thoughts


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  • You definitely need to sort all this out before the wedding to decide if there will be one!

    Long distance relationships = death of those relationships.

    If you guys were serious enough to get engaged tho, there is probably something to be salvaged! Go visit her, spend at least 2 solid weeks with her relaxing, enjoying each other, and remind her how much you appreciate her. That's the only way to reignite her desire.

    I'm really sorry; this isn't a fun situation to deal with. Really hope it works out!

    • Yeah, that's why I want to go down there and deal with all the drama.

      Its gonna be hard to distract from it...i think what I can do is take her out and pull away from the family environment and its tension

    • Good for you! That's a really hard commute to literally travel across the globe for her, and I hope she appreciates it. Once you take her away from all the stress from daily life and remind her what your life together will be like, I'm sure she'll start to see things from your perspective and recognize all the effort you've put in. Just be patient but assertive, keep a cool head, and you'll be OK. Good luck! What you're doing is admirable.

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  • It is girl craziness haha, I've been down this road with a guy.

    Look, all I can say is let her go if its meant to be it will find a way to happen, believe in faith everything happens for a reason.

    She possibly maybe stressed out just back off give her time to breathe. And cancel your flight to see her, because she's acting rude and she doesn't deserve to see you if she is going to act like a bitch like that!

    • I know right, WTH...i do many times feel she is unappreciative...

      i feel because she is still living under her dady's and momy's embrace...she kinda doesn't get what it takes for me to come or appreciates the situation is putting me in.

    • I know the feeling sorry you have to go through that

  • She's probably stressing and getting frustrated from wedding planning, (all the drama) your coming in to see her and finals.

    Just giver her some space. Don't take anything personal. I'm sure she will come around once things get easier.

    • yeah...but how am I supposed to not take anything personally ?...

      anything I thing she somehow translates into "me not loving her"...she takes everything personally...

      and I am supposed to just swallow my pride and accept her recklessness with my feelings.

    • If you guys plan on getting married you should learn to not allow the small things to get to you.

  • It sounds like a different kind of crazy to me.

  • Yes, you should definitely help her thro it don't just leave her hangin


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