Guys, what are habits your wife or girlfriend have developed which you don't like?

Conversely, girls, what habits have your husband or boyfriend developed which you don't like?


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  • Started noticing little things once we moved in together. Nothing I can't handle, they're just annoying and something I should overlook since I want to be with him.

    1. Leaves water around the sink

    2. Uses a ton of toilet paper and doesn't flush properly

    3. Snores (has gotten better)

    4. Takes horribly long showers. Up to one hr vs 20 min for me

    5. Procrastinates a lot

    For me he would probably say

    1. Doesn't put the toilet paper on correctly all the time

    2. Always wants to do things vs he takes his time

    3. Hogs the bed

    4. Emotional

    5. Doesn't give him as much alone time as he would like

    • hah, be happy the worst you two have are annoyances. I know couples who have had noisy arguments over gambling, drugs, refusal to seek work and such.

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  • This isn't about a boyfriend, but just a guy I've liked for awhile.

    1) He can go on and on about one topic too much sometimes. But I just sit there and stare at him because he looks super cute when he's passionate about a subject LOL :$

    2) He gets kinda grossed out when he sees two guys kissing. While I'm all like "hey now! Leave 'em alone!" Haha :p

    3)He stretches his neck too much lol. It looks sexy though haha

    4) He games too much -________________________________-. (that face basically sums up my reactions haha) Though I don't really mind and usually join in with him, sometimes it gets outta hand haha

    5)He can sometimes try too hard to change people's opinions. But this also shows me he's passionate about certain subjects. There is a line though

    As you can see, I still try to look at the bright side :)

  • He Bites his toenails! Its disgusting lol nothing too bad tho

    • lmao and then you kiss him

    • Lmfao ... Only before I knew he did it :( now I make sure to ask him to brush his teeth if I see his toes looking nice XS

  • The only "annoying" thing is he sometimes talks way to much about random things, like he'll just go on a tangent and I'm like uh... But he was so quiet when we first started dating lol! But I still love him, it's not really annoying as it might seem.

    • Ahaha that's how my husband is! He was like a mute (kinda still is) but out of now where he will talk a mile a minute about some nonsense I don't care about or understand.

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  • since I don't say anything about it she can flirt a lot but only with guys she knows like a friend in a circle of friends we hang out with and I have seen one guy hold her once when I went out to get something which I didn't really pay attention to.