Are there girls who are afraid to talk about sex with her boyfriend?

well if the girl is a virgin and if she wants to keep it that way till marriage, is it normal for her to not talk about what she likes in bed or anything related to sex, but she just listen what her boyfriend has in mind to do after marriage?

is this normal?

we have been dating and we are in a serious relationship and she thinks that if she thinks about those stuff she can't control herself. has any girl been in this situation? or guys have you found a girl/girls like that?


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  • Well not for the reason she said, but the thing is when you're a virgin you can't really know what you like in bed and everything you say seems rather immature or clueless to you. It can also be awkward or embarassing for some people who don't have a lot of expierence to talk about sex like that. For me it's still often hard to expilicity tell my boyfriend what I like


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  • if she wants to stay a virgin then she won't really know what she likes in bed for sure and it might be wrong for her too to talk about sex until the relationship is more serious.

  • I am Unless we are actually having sex then I'm more "fun" and ill say anything ha ha I'm really shy and awkward about talking about it.

    Like I have no problem dirty talking in bed but out of it Me saying something is like seeing big foot

    • ps if she is a virgin then she doesn't know what she likes because she hasn't done anything

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