Wedding soon - and I am getting scared?

Less than 6 months away. Getting nervous.

Money woes. Worried about future together. Recently I lost my dad, so it has not been easy.

Any newlyweds out there can offer adivce?


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  • Let me begin by saying I'm sorry for your recent loss. I am far from being a newlywed but maybe you'll get more answers after your question is answered. Seems like you have wedding jitters and cold feet, which seems to be normal for everyone before they actually tie the knot. Being nervous is normal you are entering a new stage in you life which requires someone else in it, that's not something that people take lightly as they shouldn't. I bet you anything she feel the exact same way. But recognize why you are marring her, out of everyone out there you chose her for a reason. Now you reason very so ill let you answer that part, but you future together will be set regardless of what comes ya's way if you two love, respect, trust, etc. Take things day by day with one another and cherish the time together because you never know what can happen tomorrow . I personally believe that marriage is a beautiful thing if and when it's with the right person.

    • Appreciate the comments. I know she is right person.

      Just been a rough 12 months. In addition, her mother was just diagnosed with cancer. No end in sight it seems.

    • Something's are just out of our control but just keep in mind after every storm there is a rainbow , although it seems cheesy it's true. And you both can lean on each other for emotional support you know.

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