What am I going to do? :(

hai. I have a boyfriend. actually we were already engaged. even though I'm only 17. well. I really love him. and he also loves me too of course. I know it's early. but it's just. I don't want to lose him. well. my parents and his father really don't want the two of us to get married even when we are at the right age. and now. my mom is doing everything just to keep me away from him. ha. I really don't know what to do. :(


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  • Go ahead and marry him and ruin your life. Noone cares except maybe your parents. I'm sure you two can be happy living in trailerparks...unless one of your parents is rich and you can mooch off of them your entire life. That doesn't seem to be the case. But I'm sure working at BK will give you enough income to get married and have your own place and a family.

    • Yeah. thanks. hopefully. when we already did what we really wanted to do. no one will interrupt our relationship again. anyway. thanks a lot.

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  • Well you can look at it this way. You don't really have to marry him if you don't want to. And the engagement might have been a bit hasty but you don't necessarily need to break it off either. Also something you should keep in mind that with you being 17 you have less than a full year before you are 18 and can likely move out on your own. I find that if you two really care about each other then you will likely stil be dating in a year's time. In the mean time you just gotta keep trying.

    • Ahm. actually. ever since he became my boyfriend. my parents really don't like him. so I think whatever he does to please them. still. they don't like him. well. it's really hard to choose between them and him. anyway. I understand what you mean.

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  • Never marry a guy before living with him. A ceremony and license will not ensure your ability to resolve conflicts, divide financial responsibility, or decide who should clean the bathroom this week. Marriage is pointless until you know what kind of man you're getting in the bargain. Stay on good terms with your parents, who may welcome you back home after you discover that Prince Charming has more than a couple flaws.

    • So. it's better to leave him? hai. I don't know if I can live without him. but you're right in some points. and after all. they say that parents know best. right?

    • Well. thanks. so. do you think it is better if I will do what my parents wanted?

    • Learn some patience, and you may accidentally get what you want. Wait till you turn eighteen. Move in. Try your man on for a while. Don't be shocked if you fail to find your fairytale with your first lover. Young guys are a work in progress. Some need a lot more work, including house training, potty training, bedroom training. Waiting for a young man to grow up can be a very long wait. Share space but forget legal commitments for now. Sometimes parents know about these things. Listen.

  • If you guys are old enough to get married then you're old enough to get a place of you own. Its the best way to settle it

    • I know. I also thought of that. but. if I will wait for the right time. how am I so sure that my parents won't keep him away from me. right?

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  • hi,

    it is only love that will conquer.

    however much your mum tries to keep you away from him, you will still meet given that what exists between you and him is real true love which waits/ is patient. for now, be patient and give your parents time but continue in your relationship. they will catch up with you.

    • Wow. very nice suggestion. thanks. really. you're right. it is only love that will conquer. hai. thanks. :)