Planning a small, private wedding? (UK)

Hello :)

My fiance and I are trying to plan a wedding for us and just the two legal witnesses. We are both young, 18 and 19, so want to keep it as hushed as possible till we are ready to have an official wedding celebration at 21 as to not terrify our parents. We literally can't wait any longer to make our vows, like we had planned.

Any advice for location? Organizing the whole process?

Thank you

Would like it to be as romantic and simple as possible. Purely about the love


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  • maybe in a pretty garden with a tent that has all the drapery in the ceiling.


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  • im sorry. if you think your mature enough to get married, then you can wait, 3 years to do it...why wouldn't you just want your dad to give you away. this sounds really immature and crass

    • Yes we've decided to wait. And because you don't know my situation as a whole. Its immature calling other people immature from the little information I gave on the Internet :') and to say these things as anonymous.

    • I called you immature, simply because you are. I'm not immature for calling you just means I speak the truth.

      And here, you want me not on anonymous. hows this for going anonymous. you whining complainer

    • im not immature for calling you immature. I'm simply calling you out on your bullsh*t

      oh and as for anonymous. how about this?

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  • get married on the beach!

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